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How much will it cost?

Each design project is completely different and I’m happy to provide a quote after I learn more about your project requirements. Think of design as an investment. Great design combined with a great product or service will pay off year after year throughout the life of your business. Let’s talk!

You’re in a different country, will this affect things?

Not at all. I’ve worked with local, national and international clients and my working relationships have never been compromised by distance. In fact it’s only grown with time.

Have you done work in my company’s domain?

Probably. If it’s not part of my portfolio, let me know and I’ll get back to you if I have something more relevant. Even if I haven’t, I’m confident I can still do great work for you because, before beginning I understand a company’s mission, core purposes, target audiences, and other features that go into developing a solid, authentic brand.

My friend’s niece does web design, can you match her rates?

The answer to that is can she match the quality or expertise and long-term support? The fact is, I’m often asked to rebuild sites that were built on the cheap. If you want an impressive website, you want someone who knows his craft, cold.

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