UI Candy

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Improving efficiency & productivity,
I strive to deliver the highest quality
end products.


Immaculate typography, right placement, color and form tell a story, evoke a feeling and show personality. I use this knowledge to convey your message, shape your image and serve your goals. No matter what the project, I’ll make sure every detail fits seamlessly into the design.


Great design to a large extent influences customer decision making. I use intuitive design and user psychology to put a user at ease and engage him to take action. To leave nothing to chance I use user behavioral analysis and latest user experience processes and underline it with iterations and testing.


The world is going multi-device and I’m fully aware of it. This is why I work extra hard on developing easy to use applications for every platform. Data aggregation, mining and analysis, custom filtering and reinterpretation, I have you covered. I work on the latest technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, NodeJS, jQuery, LESS, SASS, MySQL, MongoDb, Redis, Memcache etc. while keeping an eye out for playing with new gems such as Polymer.


I acquire valuable information by measuring digital campaigns. With that knowledge and because maximizing ROI is my priority, I strive to provide you with insights that will advance your digital marketing.

By measuring all the activities all the time I’m always ready for a quick reaction, momentarily optimize campaigns and improve the results along the way help me create the best possible strategy to make your company stand out in the digital world.

The Process

Brain Storming

The most critical step in the web design process is creating an accurate project definition. The same way that a Painter starts with an initial sketch, or an Architect with his/her blueprints, a project definition is necessary if one is to envision the entire scope with any accuracy. As such, the client survey (Discovery Phase) is used to gather the information needed to get the project moving in the right direction.


When starting a project, planning is a key phase and often overlooked by many web design agencies and businesses alike. Since the website is not for you but your potential customers, the first thing I look at is your target audience. From research and competitor analysis I will work out the most valuable content and create an exceptional UI for your website which is built for a superior User Experience. With tight involvement from you every step of the way, I’ll develop your project!


The future of the web is mobile. So it’s important that your web endeavors not only consider mobile viewing, but that they actually take a mobile first approach that is responsive to whatever device your audience is viewing your site. I optimise every bit of code and script to create a speedy, slick website. I go beyond the window dressing to ensure that we have tapped into the core of what will not only capture attention, but it’s also crafted and structured properly to effectively inform, inspire and convert.


Once tested across different operating systems and browsers, I’ll integrate it into a Content Management System. I’ve worked with lots of different frameworks and open source software such as Magento and WordPress so we’ll agree what solution is best for your needs. Did I mention my Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media expertise also means that I can help your website get highly ranked in Google and shared across the abundance of social media platforms in existence.