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Stop Optimizing Your Website For Google, SEO is Dead!

Focus on content not the dreaded SEO

Focus on content not the dreaded SEO

The SEO explosion has defeated it’s primary purpose – to find relevant information. The importance of SEO has been overplayed to a stupendous level in the last few years.

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Design enthusiast who's obsessed with User experience and code. I offer expert website design and development, as well as search engine optimization, e-commerce solutions and digital marketing. I conceptualize, design & deliver digital content & integrated experiences for web & mobile. When I am not pushing pixels, I enjoy DIY projects, photography, skateboarding(my new love), and playing the guitar. I love to travel and I'm deeply inspired by the diversity of cultures and the natural beauty of our planet.

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"Stop Optimizing Your Website For Google, SEO is Dead!"
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    This makes them feel more engaged, which advances the chances that they can stick to you.
    Attempt To continually be around for your viewers.
    Try expanding your skills beyond everything you currently get.


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